Chemo day 4 – Shake it up Baby…

Day 4 of Chemo: Sept. 2, 2013

Re-cap of yesterday. Same-O, Same-O. Chemo for 4-5 hours, then a rest. Kristy and I did get out and take a walk in the light rain, it felt so refreshing to get out of the room, even with the light rain. I bought a coke, which I’ve not had in almost a couple of years, and it was so good.

Today, Dr. Fedorenko came in to check my vitals, all looking good. Today is the last day of Chemo, then tomorrow is break day. I have a special guest coming this afternoon, Dr. Giles, from Mississippi, will be here for a little visit. Looking forward to seeing a familiar face.

So, not to much to report today, but I did receive an very inspirational video from my nephew last night.

Chemo Day 3 – The Boxer…

Day 3 of Chemo: Sept. 1, 2013 – 25 days until I’m home!

Today, is a repeat of the last two days. Get up shower, see Dr. F, he tells me how wonderful I’m doing and then they hook me up for 4-5 hours to a chemo drip. Not too exciting, but part of the mission. I have one more day of this, and then a nice surprise, our good friend, and Surrogate Dad, Dr. Giles will be stopping in for a visit tomorrow afternoon. It will be so nice to see a familiar face and one that speaks English, well, New Orleans Cajun, close enough for my ears. I’ve given him a little list of some items to bring me, Snickers, toothpaste and some juice. Not a normal combo, but it will get me through the remaining days. The Snickers are a nice treat after Chemo, I’ve lost a little weight, so not worried about the calories at this point.

The next steps will be, Tuesday a rest day. Wednesday they will give me back my stem cells, all fresh and ready to re-boot my immune system, so it doesn’t remember it has MS. This is the goal, that I’m fighting for. After they return my stem cells, this is when I will start to go into total isolation, since my immune system will be very week, and I could catch anything or get an infection very easily. So, clean room to the max, and they will take away my street clothes and provide jammies for me, and scrub my room from top to bottom. I will still have my laptop, phone and Kindle, but they will have been sanitized for me. So, I’m putting on my boxer gloves and getting ready for the next round.

PS Thanks for all the wonderful posts and comments, they really help and let me know I’m not alone here.

The Boxer – Allison Krauss – Enjoy



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