+ 8 Holding nothing back!

Sept. 12, 2013 #8

So, the numbers are rising still… Great news! Leuk 0.66, that’s up from yesterday’s high of .16, so some engrafting has been a happin’ here. Dr. F was very pleased and said that I should start to transition out of total ISO by Saturday! That would mean my clothes back. As much as the gown is so beautiful and all, I am ready for some of my own jammies and clothes. And, to be able to walk outside soon, and feel the cool fall air on my face, would do world of good.

Last night I had the cold/sweats, not comfortable at all and very difficult to sleep. All part of the engraftment, so a small price to pay. I’ve still been very blessed with no pain, which is a very normal side effect of the engraftment. So, I’m prepared for it, if it comes.

Numbers 09.12.13 Rising

Numbers 09.12.13

Hair watch… It’s a flying out left and right. I think it’s time for the hair net, it is flying out everywhere, you should see the shower when I’m done. Poor cleaning lady. I have a nice little bald spot going on the side I can sleep. A little difficult to sleep on my normal side with Marvin in the way, so I’ve had to adjust.

And we really can’t make this stuff up about the food. I know what it looks like, and it smells just as bad. I truly think it’s left over tongue from yesterday, with some type of gravy and barley. Thank goodness they usually serve a soup with lunch, or I’d really be in trouble. The soup today, though, not one of my favorites, but better than this option. I really make the most of the breakfast, it goes down hill from there.

You just can't make this stuff up.

You just can’t make this stuff up.


I may not be a “Brick House”, but feeling pretty good today! So, get your groove on.