+15 – The Lion Sleeps Tonight – Or decides to keep me up all night

Sept. 19, 2013 – Day +15

No blood work today.

So, the Lion has been sleeping.

Lion Sleeping

Lion Sleeping

We’ll we knew I couldn’t get this without some pain, that would have been just crazy talk. Last night I woke up with major bone pain in my legs. Mostly my knees and working it’s way up and down the legs. This is caused by the stem cells engrafting, and making room them to keep growing. They are trying to make some noise, and I noticed. I sent some FB msg to some alums from the group and they said, yes, push the button and ask for some relief. No way I was going to get any rest if I didn’t, and this was WAY more pain that an Advil was going to work on. So, a nice nurse came in, I pointed at the chart showing pain and where was, and she came back in and gave me a large injection into Marvin. It helped enough to allow me to sleep a bit, but still this morning my knees were so weak I was afraid I wasn’t going to be able to get out of bed without help. I made it, but very slow go.

I’d dropped a napkin on the floor after breakfast and bent to pick it up and just fell right over. Had to end up crawling to the bed to help me up and decided, bed might be a good place for me for a bit. Not a pretty sight.

When Dr. F came in for rounds, he ordered a Steroid shot, in the bum, to help out with the pain. I’m being weaned off of them, so wasn’t too keen on having another one, but I’m in pain. Anyway, that should hold me over for a while. The knees are still really weak and sore, but I’m managing. He said he would have some pain killers for me tonight so I could sleep. My last steroid infusion will be in the morning, so they can take Marvin out. They don’t risk leaving him for too long, it increases risk of infection. So, Marvin will be a thing of the past before noon tomorrow. Any other injections I will need will be the old fashion way, shots.

So, now I’m on the true home stretch to come home. I’ll meet with Dr. F on Monday to go over final instructions and restrictions, and orders for my doctors to keep on top of things when I return to the US. I’m checking out of here on the 24th and staying at a hotel closer to the airport, since my flight is at 11:40 am, and the traffic here can delay you for three hours easy. So, didn’t want to take any chances.