+14 – Still Kickin’ It

Sept. 18, 2013 – +14

Made it nicely through the Retuxmab Infusion yesterday. They started me off with a drip bottle of Benadryl, so that pretty much knocked me out for most of the day. Only side effect I had were night sweats, but I’ve been having those most nights since engraftment, so not that big of a deal. Plus, I was so sleepy, I just slept though it.

Woke this morning refreshed and good to go. If it weren’t for the fact I’m so weak, and need a break after everything I do, you wouldn’t know what I’ve been through. Oh, and the fact I’m bald. 🙂 I have been able to stay on top of my laundry now, and do a little at a time. Dr. F came in and saw me doing it in the sink, and said “I have can have the staff do that”, but why, gives me something to do and I feel good about having my clothes clean. They have heated towel bars in the bathroom, so you learn to rotate a lot. I’m back to the habit of doing my own dishes again. In total ISO, they won’t let you, they have a special container to soak them overnight, but not needed no since my ISO is lifted.

My Leuk numbers dropped from two days ago, they are down to 4.58, from a high of 9.4 before the Retuxmab Infusion. Not too happy about that, but still within the normal range. He said it can also happen and when I return home to take my temp. every day to make sure no infections. He will write orders for my GP to help monitor this, and for me to stay on top of it. So, clean zone home for sure when I return.

The weather is nice today, I’ve still not taken my outside stroll yet, mornings are usually fully packed here. With “Marvin” coming out on the 20th, that means the infusions will stop and give me more freedom to walk more. Just realized, the 20th is day after tomorrow!!! Can’t believe it!

Marvin's coming out on the 20th, Happy Dance!

Marvin’s coming out on the 20th, Happy Dance!

And then lunch arrives... no shock, tongue.

And then lunch arrives… no shock, tongue.

Mumford and Sons played this weekend in St. Augustine, FL. Everyone says it was a great event. So, here is a great one from Mumford and Sons to start your day.