Getting ready for my Big Parade!

Tuesday, Sept. 3, 2013

Today, I am reflecting on what I’ve been through to, to get to this point. Applying all over the world for treatment, getting declined, getting accepted to Russia, the fund raising and all the support to get me to this point. And it will all come down to tomorrow “my big parade” when my stem cells will be given back to me to re-boot my immune system. I just watched Kristy’s processes, and know I’m ready. I’m tired, but that is to be expected, so today I try and rest.

The countdown goes as I ready for my next step in Kickin’ MS.

On the light side, Kristy’s brother brought me in a cheese burger, and I’ve never tasted one so yummy. Ready for some good Home Cooking!

Best Burger I've had in a long time!!  Thank you!

Best Burger I’ve had in a long time!! Thank you!