+13 Rituxmab Infusion day!

Sept. 17, 2013 – +13

No blood work today, they are getting me ready for my day of Rituxmab Infusion that will begin at noon, this will kill off any rouge B cells missed with Chemo. If you want to read more about this treatment and side effects, help yourself, Google it, I did. But, since I’m about to go through it I try not to keep flogging an dead horse on the risks at this point. Why, no need to worry about something I can’t control, I just say jump on the horse and go for the ride. I made it this far, and I don’t plan on stopping.

So, my typical morning infusion now, a quick shower (doesn’t take long when you don’t have hair) and then a walk before I’m stuck in bed for 5+ hours.

Dr. F also came in to let me know they will be removing “Marvin” on the 20th, and that will be a nice freedom. We’ve become close over these weeks, but honestly he can be a pain in the neck. You can see him sticking out from the left side of my neck in this photo.

9.17.13 Bald

9.17.13 Bald, indent on forehead is from wearing my Rebel Cap, my head get’s cold.

Since I don’t check out until the 24th, this will give me some time to get out and walk and build up my strength before I get on the plane on the 25th. Actually going to be happy to have it, the legs are very weak, and this will help some. If only the food were better, wouldn’t be as bad. But, with my restrictions, it’s probably the safest place to recover a little more, before hitting the real world. I do plan on trying to walk outside the gates and explore the neighborhood a little, but not too far.
Just some mellow music to get me through the infusion.
A little Phillip Phillips