0 – Wildest Dreams…

Stem Cell Transfusion Day: Sept. 4, 2013. (yesterday)

We, I never dreamed in my wildest dreams tought I’d be sitting in a hospital room in Moscow, of all places, having HSCT, a procedure to re-boot my immune system rid my body of MS. (maybe not the lingering effects, but to stop it) Shoot, who ever thought I’d get PPMS? Really? Such a long shot.

Anyway, yesterday was a big day, they re-inserted my stem cells, and I’m on an up an down roller coaster. The day started, with some Chemo Nausea, so that wasn’t pleasant. They gave me something to calm that down, and they prepared the room for my the procedure. I’ll post the photos, to give you a better idea of what was happening, enjoy the Moody Blues, “Wildest Dreams” at the same time. Who knew this was even possible, never in my wildest dreams.

my blood pressure has dropped very low now, they are watching me closely.  I don't feel too well right now.

Dr. F is asking me about my systems, pain in my chest, horrible taste in my mouth and difficuclty  breathing

giving me time to get my BP back up and feel a lttle stronger

gotta git that last drop.

all empty

dr. F is preparing for the traditional throwing of the dry ice.  I'm still trying to get my strength up to get out of bed.  But rally pertty quickly;
all done

I made it
no falling

High Five With Dr. F, it has gone well.

High Five With Dr. F, it has gone well.