+19 – Hit the Road Jack

Sept. 23, 2013 +19

Sorry for the late post, but was waiting to meet with Dr. Fedorenko to prepare for discharge tomorrow.

They did extensive blood work this morning, and nothing out of the ordinary to report. My Leuk. levels are still within the safe zone, 6.12. They never hit the high of 10, but well within the safe zone and I have my all clear to head home.

Leuk - 6.12

Leuk – 6.12

I actually saw Dr. F when I was walking the stairs today for my exercise, it was raining out and I still need to keep these legs moving. He said I wouldn’t need the stick in 6 months, I said, more like 3, and he smiled and said send him the picture.

We sat down and went over some basics, what to eat and not to eat. Basically, he said eat healthy, re-introduce fresh fruit and veggies, slowly. And make sure they are thoroughly cleaned. Meats are fine, just not fried, and make sure everything it thoroughly cooked. So, smart, healthy eating to gain strength and continue to improve.
Can’t complain. I’ll be given 10 days of some medication tomorrow, with instructions. And I’m to have blood work done in 1 week and again in 2 weeks, from my GP, and send him the results. He said it could take weeks to get in with a Hematologist, and it wasn’t really necessary at this time.

I’ll keep you posted as I continue my healing at home. It’s been real.

So, with that, I’m outta of here!