Drum Roll Please!!!

Testing is complete and… I’m moving on to the treatment stage!! What a relief. You can’t imagine how nerve racking not knowing if everything you’ve worked for was really going to happen. So, Dr. Fedorenko comes in this morning to check on me and said it would be 3:00 before they had the results of the blood work, that was all they were waiting for. We’ll, who pops in before lunch? Dr. F, with MRI and files in hand. He pulls up a chair and goes over everything and then says he would like to start me on the shots to stimulate my bone marrow to produce more stem cells. This will allow them to have what they need to harvest. I’m thrilled, to say the least. This is why I am here, to re-boot my system to kick MS. So, this will happen twice a day, 3:00 am and 11:00 pm, for four days. Ok, they didn’t ask for my input on the timing of the shots, but I AM curious. He also said I could stay in this room until Monday, when they will move me to the 3rd floor where the “clean” rooms are. This is fine with me, since he knows I like to go for walks and want to walk as much as I can before the put me in lock down. So, he gives me a day off, no more tests, just to relax and go outside a few times. It was nice. Then lunch arrived. This gives new meaning to “he slipped me the tongue”

How they serve tongue the next day. Just add gravy and noodles.

How they serve tongue the next day. Just add gravy and noodles.

Then another surprise this afternoon, Kristy Cruise pops in. She just arrived after a 30 hour plane flight from Australia. It was good to finally meet her face to face, she will be starting the treatment right along side me. She has already done the head shave so she could donate her hair for wigs for cancer patients, and to get her young boys prepared for the new look. Our rooms will be next to each other on the third floor.

Kristy Cruise

Kristy Cruise

Several have asked how I feel, I feel great! Just ready to get this underway. The nurses and Dr. F have been so kind and want to help, I am sure I’m where I need to me.
So, a pretty big day, all in all.


Last day of testing

Wednesday, I woke up after having to fast again. Yes, they brought me breakfast anyway, and yes, it was oatmeal. REALLY! So, there it sat for several hours again. They then took me over for an ultra sound, of the abdomen, etc… and then to a different department for an ultra sound of my legs, vascular. I was a little concerned with this, because before I knew it was MS slowing my legs down, I had some vascular surgery in hopes that would do the trick, it didn’t. It seemed like it went ok, so we’ll see. But, it’s a little like a dream or a movie to be laying on table people working on you and talking, but you have no way of knowing what they are saying. Very surreal. Anyway, made it though that, then off to my room for a nap and lunch.

Then they took me out for my MRI’s, brain, cervical, spine and lower spine. Non-contrasting and then contrasting. I was there about 2 hours. Laying that still made my legs very weak, luckily I had one of the good nurses to help me back. (they are all good and so kind, by the way) They know I’ve told them no wheelchairs, as long as I can walk on my own I will, stubborn that way. So I get back to the room check a few messages and it’s time for dinner, wait for it… wait for it… YES! Tongue!! AND fish soup, BONUS! (we had fish last night, so I’m thinking they made good use of those leftovers)
So, after, “dinner” I went out and did a lap around the complex, including taking the stairs instead of the elevator. I’m not sure how much exercise will be able to have after I go up stairs, so might as well do what I can now. Then back to the room and do a little laundry. Not too easy in an tiny sink with no drain plug, and only one towel to wring them with, but I got the job done. Thanks Pop and Mom for the Snickers 🙂


Day 2

We’ll day two under my belt. Today they had Me leave two urine samples first thing in the morning, then a nurse came in a swabbed several areas and then I went to x-rays, then I was able to eat breakfast. Which let me tell you after sitting out for 3 hours oatmeal is like cement, so took a pass on the oatmeal. I think she thought I’d eventually want it since she left out for me for lunch too. I felt like the kid that didn’t finish her meal, so they keep serving it to her every meal until she eats it, it rots, or the child dies. Well, dodged a bullet there, it was gone by dinner. Victory!!

My parents stopped by to say good-bye and loading me up with supplies. I may be able to open a black market commissary with the amount of facial tissue I have alone. I’m stocked up. The word will get out and I’ll see envelopes of money under my door. Secret handoffs in the hall way. I will be known as the lady that can get you anything. POWER IS MINE!!
So, after the parents headed off the last test of the day was a visit and I had lunch and two more test scheduled. Opthomologist exam and heart Ultrasound. Then Dr. Fedorenko let me know I was done for the day and I was free to walk outside, or even go outside the gates (with my hall pass of course). Considering my eyes had just been dilated and the sun was quite bright I opted for a short nap, then I’d head out after dinner. So, I did go explore the hospital grounds, and they are just beautiful. What a relaxing walk.
2013-08-19 21.56.27 2013-08-19 21.47.51

A little to get your toes tapping this morning. VW

When I Walk part 2

Day one of testing under my belt, not too bad, just some blood drawn and then an EKG. (I think). I went to be rather early for me and slept well, with the little help of a sleeping pill, Dr. F suggested. Worked like a charm, I up and ready to go.

Blood drawn.

Blood drawn.

Today, I’m fasting again and this morning and I have already made an urr “donation” two cups, set outside the door and then they came and did some swabbing, TMI, so we won’t go there. “Butt”, everything was covered.

I guess it’s time I let you see a video of how I walk now. My mother secretly took these of me walking on the trip.

Sorry this one I can’t rotate, anyway, you get the idea.

So, the hope with this treatment is I wont get any worse, but this may not get better.
But, I always have hope. VW


We’ll today is the day! I’m packed up, I’ve heard from Dr. Fedorenko, they are all ready for me. So, I couldn’t think of a better song to start off this adventure.

If you dance a little for me, I’ll be totally disappointed. 😉

Ready, Set, Go!

Tomorrow’s the day I’ve been waiting on since I found out about HSCT and now it’s almost here. I’m packing up my hotel room and getting things ready to make the transition to the hospital in the morning.

We arrived in Moscow a few days early to see some of the sights, I totally recommend it. The only money I spent to sightsee was the ticket for the hop on, hop off bus that took us around town to get the lay of the land, that was it. So much is free, or just looking at the sights, you can’t be here and NOT see the sights. The metro only cost about $1.00 and it’s really not difficult to navigate from the Vega Hotel, just 5 stops on the blue line (the only line near our hotel), and your in the middle of everything. Red Square, the Kremlin, Lennon’s Tomb, Basil Cathedral, GUM department store, and the list goes on. So, get here a couple of days early and see the sights.

So, tomorrow I’ll meet Dr. F and hopeful he will find that I’m fit enough to endure the treatment. I have a lot of people that helped me get here, so I don’t want to let them down, or me either. I know this is where I need to be and what I need to be doing to give me the best chance to stop this disease.

It’s late, and I have a big day tomorrow. I’ll be posting more regularly once admitted, I’ve had some internet problems and other technical difficulty. Word of advise for those coming next, make sure you test out off or you plugs with the converters to make sure you have everything to keep you charged up. FYI, they do sell three prong converters in the hotel lobby for $150 R, if you can find someone working that counter.

I’ll post some photos tomorrow, it’s getting late and I have a really, really big day ahead of me.


Let it be…



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OK, off in the morning, so I’m going to let it be, and going to Kick MS.
Just a few songs I like below.

I’ll be posting all along the journey to Kick MS, it’s nice to have everyone along with me. Thank you.

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