Chemo Day 1 – Babylon…

Completion of Day 1 Chemo: Friday, Aug. 30, 2013

Made it through the three cycles. The first comes around 11-12, and runs several hours, I tried to read and then sleep through it. It really took all my energy, I didn’t really feel bad, just really weak. Kristy and I tried to take a walk in the afternoon, my legs were so weak, I just made it to a park bench and enjoyed the cool weather, and being out of the room. I always worry about falling, and tripping, so this was a big concern of mine at this point.

Made it back to the room for a break and a visit with Dr. F, he showed me the schedule for the next four days, and I would have a another small dose still today, and then another infusion late this evening, 11:00. The small dose was fine, but then I tried to stay up for the late dose and fell asleep. She woke me and hooked me up and left, shortly thereafter an alarm went off on the pump and it showed air in the line. I’m thinking this can’t be good, so I called the nurse. She promptly came and tried to bleed the line of the air, but after 30 min, it just wasn’t working. She got a new bottle and line and started all over again. So, this was a really late night and I slept again, then woke up to see it almost done and rang for her to disconnect it. Glad that was over. I then see a message from Kristy that the dose was MESNA, and I should drink a lot of water to flush it out, it can make you nauseated, which I was beginning to feel a bit already. So, I downed a liter of water, and proceeded to need to pee every hour on the hour. Guess it worked though, I did not have any nausea after that. Handy having an English speaking nurse as a friend just two doors down. 🙂

I woke a bit tired from the late night and frequent bathroom breaks, but starving. The dinner last night was not a favorite, maybe not of anyone. I went to jump in the shower and noticed my “Octopus”, let’s just call him “Marvin”, well Marvin was bleeding around the bandages, so I went and showed the nurse show she could change the bandages after my shower. No bleed out, just needed some cleaning up, good to go again.

Kristy wanted to get out for a walk early, before we are zapped after the chemo, so we took a stroll. The leaves are falling and the air is crisp, it felt wonderful to sit out for a while before hitting day two.

Yes, I'm the good one with the lunch lady net on.

Yes, I’m the good one with the lunch lady net on.



David Grey – Babylon Enjoy, while meeting more of my friends that helped me get here.

Girls Night

Girls Night





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