When I Walk part 2

Day one of testing under my belt, not too bad, just some blood drawn and then an EKG. (I think). I went to be rather early for me and slept well, with the little help of a sleeping pill, Dr. F suggested. Worked like a charm, I up and ready to go.

Blood drawn.

Blood drawn.

Today, I’m fasting again and this morning and I have already made an urr “donation” two cups, set outside the door and then they came and did some swabbing, TMI, so we won’t go there. “Butt”, everything was covered.

I guess it’s time I let you see a video of how I walk now. My mother secretly took these of me walking on the trip.

Sorry this one I can’t rotate, anyway, you get the idea.

So, the hope with this treatment is I wont get any worse, but this may not get better.
But, I always have hope. VW