Can’t keep a Rebel Down!!

A little late posting today, sorry.

My day started off nice enough, woke up refreshed and ready to go. Amazing how fast you can get ready in the morning when you don’t have hair to deal with, so out the door in a flash for a nice walk. I went to the chapel this morning for some quiet time. 2013-08-19 21.47.51 Fall is in the air here, so I was loving the walk with the leaves drifting down around me. So, I get back to my room and take a rest, then it’s time for the “octopus” installation. They put in my new line in my jugular, (other side this time) for the chemo that will begin tomorrow, and that bugger hurt like the dickens.

New "octopus" lines for chemo

New “octopus” lines for chemo

Had me down for a while, it felt like my head would explode. I pressed the nurses button, which, by the way, when it chimes, sounds just like the ice cream truck is coming down the street. This may explain my unusual desire for ice cream since I’ve been here. Sorry I digress. She comes to see what is wrong and comes back and reapplies the bandages on my neck, I guess thinking they are too tight and cutting the blood off to my brain, not sure about that idea. Anyway, it didn’t help at all, and not too long later she came back and loaded me up with some good pain meds, and I’m feeling much better. What away to ruin such a beautiful day.

Anyway, it takes more than that to take me down.

Hotty Toddy! Go Rebs!

Hotty Toddy! Go Rebs!

Back at home it’s Football Time in the South and my beloved Ole Miss Rebels will start their season tonight vs. Vanderbilt University. Hopefully I can watch it on replay tomorrow, but if not, please don’t tell me the score.