Day 2

We’ll day two under my belt. Today they had Me leave two urine samples first thing in the morning, then a nurse came in a swabbed several areas and then I went to x-rays, then I was able to eat breakfast. Which let me tell you after sitting out for 3 hours oatmeal is like cement, so took a pass on the oatmeal. I think she thought I’d eventually want it since she left out for me for lunch too. I felt like the kid that didn’t finish her meal, so they keep serving it to her every meal until she eats it, it rots, or the child dies. Well, dodged a bullet there, it was gone by dinner. Victory!!

My parents stopped by to say good-bye and loading me up with supplies. I may be able to open a black market commissary with the amount of facial tissue I have alone. I’m stocked up. The word will get out and I’ll see envelopes of money under my door. Secret handoffs in the hall way. I will be known as the lady that can get you anything. POWER IS MINE!!
So, after the parents headed off the last test of the day was a visit and I had lunch and two more test scheduled. Opthomologist exam and heart Ultrasound. Then Dr. Fedorenko let me know I was done for the day and I was free to walk outside, or even go outside the gates (with my hall pass of course). Considering my eyes had just been dilated and the sun was quite bright I opted for a short nap, then I’d head out after dinner. So, I did go explore the hospital grounds, and they are just beautiful. What a relaxing walk.
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A little to get your toes tapping this morning. VW