Life is wonderful…

I had the most amazing day yesterday. I had lunch with two of my closet friends that I’ve not seen for 5 years, well, lunch turned into all afternoon. We were the only people left in the restaurant as they were preparing for the dinner crowd. It is wonderful to have friends like that, you’ve not seen in years and you can pick up and carry on without missing a beat. We were talking about how everything for this treatment has just fallen into place in the last few months, so I KNOW it’s going to work…it has to.

Together again

Together again

1. We found out that Thomas could telecommute with his job and live anywhere. So, even though we live in Little Rock now, he still works for Florida Blue (Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Florida), so he has the same job, same pay, same benefits, it’s awesome.

2. Right after we found out Thomas could move, I jumped on a plane and found our house. It just spoke to me when I walked in. Every house I’ve owned has spoken to me, so don’t judge.

3. While we pulled into the driveway of “the” house to look at it for the first time I check my email and there was one from the hospital in Russia, Dr. Fedorenko had sent me an email letting me know I’d been accepted to the program there for HSCT.

4. I get home after buying the house in LR and receive another email from Dr. Fedorenko letting me know they would like me to be admitted on Aug. 19th. Well, well, this just so happens to be my Birthday!! REALLY!

5. We listed our house and sold it in 10 days, that included the back and forth negotiations and everything.

6. We got the price for our house that we had discussed in advance we wanted…  on the first offer.

I’m just saying, you can’t just make this stuff up. It’s going to work, it couldn’t be lining up this perfectly not to. No one would be that cruel to me.

Life is wonderful!  VW

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