Stir it up…

I was at the post office mailing off some Keep Calm and Kick MS T-shirts. I asked the couple in front of me where they got the box they had, they pointed me in the right direction and then offered me some tape to close it up. While doing that they wife noticed my shirt and asked what they said, I pulled one out and she exclaimed, “I just saw those posted on FB.” I told her they were for my fundraiser. So, come to find out this lady is a neighbor, and saw the post on our neighborhood FB page. She wanted to know about the treatment, which I shared, and the lady behind us in line started asking questions about it as well. Sharing the HSCT story right in the post office. Then, my sister walks in… Little Rock is much smaller than I thought, I’m going to need to watch myself.
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$15 for the T-Shirt

Earlier that day, I was folding the shirts from a recent delivery and a contractor was at the house doing some tweaking of some doors. He saw the pile of shirts and asked what they said, I showed him and he told me he had a buddy with MS, and he is now in a wheelchair. He also asked if he could by a couple, of course I said yes. So, I set a couple aside for him while he finished his tweaking. When he was about to leave he pulled out a couple of bills and I told him I could get some change, I figured they were two $20’s. He said no need, I looked down and they were two $100’s. I couldn’t believe it. I told him more about the treatment and he teared up, gave me a bear hug, and had to rush out the door. He sent me a text shortly apologizing for rushing out, but said I hit is soft spot. Such a kind soul.


$5 for the bracelet

So, stir it up, get you a cool T-Shirt and bracelet and help others learn about HSCT for MS.

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