Good Morning, I’ve wrapped up Friday, and am well into Saturday, but I like doing one day at a time, so today you will read what happened yesterday. Confused yet? I am a time traveler, so just get used to it.

FRIDAY: August 23, 2013
They came in and took my temperature at 7:00, all normal, then Dr. Fedorenko comes in and checks my BP and pulse as all is good, and then he proceeds to layout out the game plan to get this party started. At 11:00 pm and 3:00 am I will have my first injection to stimulate the my bone marrow to start to over produce, this will be everyday until Monday, I believe. (Those aren’t the best times for my sleeping, but we’ll work with it) Then will take two pills, one to take 30 min before dinner and one to take 30 min before breakfast the following morning. These will help protect my gastrointestinal from all the stuff that’s about to go through me. I don’t know, but maybe they should have started those when they started serving tongue?? I’m just saying. At noon a nurse will come down and insert a peripheral cannula, that will stay in my arm for the daily steroid infusions, this way they don’t have to keep using me as a human pin cushion.
photoinfusion bottle
It doesn’t hurt, I just can’t get it wet in the shower. This is where those shower shields I brought will start to come in handy. Maybe should have ordered one more weeks supply of those, now that I have this to cover too, oh well, it will work out. So, then I laid there for 30 min while the steroid infusion dripped into me.
I’ve had people ask about the translation sheet for symptoms, we were given it yesterday, now that they are actually doing stuff to us that we might re-act to.

Then done for the day, free time!!

So, Kristy and I decided to venture out of the gates, the first time since I’ve been here, so really excited., and I really would like an ice cream. YUMMY! I’ve really been craving Ice Cream lately, I don’t know, not eating any for over year might do that to you, so now I want it any chance I can have it. We have a nice walk to the market, which is just a couple of blocks away. Great to get out, we know in a week, we will be stuck on the third floor for pretty much the rest of the time so get out now.
Kristy ice cream outingVicki Ice Cream

Another lovely dinner arrived, and I choked it down and then went on another walk around the grounds with Kristy. It is nice to have someone that speaks English around, even though it’s Aussie English. (I can totally say that, she totally picks on my Southern accent). Anyway we had some photos taken by the chapel and then headed back to our rooms. I had some laundry to do and was trying to stay up until 11:00 waiting for my first injection, it’s not too bad and I try to go to sleep, knowing that I’ll be woken up in 4 short hours. My legs spasticity is going in overdrive and I’m totally uncomfortable. I wasn’t planning on taking a sleeping pill tonight, but I had planned on getting some sleep, so I take it, and remind myself to talk to Dr. Fedorenko tomorrow to see if I can take my Magnesium pills I brought for the spasticity. I hate taking sleeping pills if I don’t have to.

Well that wraps up another very exciting day here. It’s surprising how fast time is going, I know I’ll be home before I know it and just in time for the Ole Miss v Alabama Game, Hotty Toddy!!

3 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Lorraine Saipe
    Aug 24, 2013 @ 07:43:45

    Great update


  2. Roger
    Aug 24, 2013 @ 18:10:30

    Wow!!! What a busy day!

    Keep going strong!

    Roger & Diane


  3. Michael Ierodiaconos
    Aug 25, 2013 @ 17:01:59

    Well done for getting up them stairs!!!!!nice to see your sense of humor is still strong, your doing good ya no,each day your getting closer to your goal. My best to you,michael!!


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