I won’t give up…

When I started this journey I was told, there is no treatment or cure for Primary Progressive Multiple Sclerosis. I didn’t take that as the final answer and I kept searching until I found something that would help me, HSCT. The other obstacle I see people considering HSCT is financial. I often see post where people give up when they see the cost of this treatment and that insurance won’t cover it. How can you get this close and not go the distance. You have to jump out there with a leap of faith that you will be able to raise the funds needed to get the treatment. $40,000 just for the treatment in Russia, this doesn’t include travel, hotels, visa, after care required and the list goes on, it’s expensive. But some how, some way you can do it.

So, don’t give up, there are answers out there, you just have to search for them. Whether it’s an illness or other obstacle in your life, don’t give up.

You’re getting Jason Mraz again today, I love his music. And since this is my blog I get to pick the songs. 🙂