Take a load off Annie (Vicki)

My load is slowly being lifted up off my shoulders, thanks to many friends and family helping us out.  This is happening in many ways; closing on our house in Florida, my family helping unpack and getting settled in our house in Little Rock, Fundraising efforts in full swing, many prayers and positive thoughts for us, and many other small things are just working out.

One big thing is the fund raiser in Jacksonville, Florida I just attended on Tuesday night, what a party. The design community really came out in full force to help out. We had 125 attend and raised $16,000!!! Wow! Even more amazing was how these groups of people that are normally competing against each other all came together to put on this wonderful event. OK, except for the highly competitive side bets of who could raise the most money.

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So, my load is being lifted and I’m so ready to get to Russia and Kick MS out the door.

So, thanks everyone for your help, “take a load off Sally/Vicki”  Enjoy!