I won’t back down…

Over the last couple of months I’ve received many cards and notes from people all over the world with words of encouragement and prayers. These mean so much to me, I read them often. I wish I could take them all with me while in the hospital, but not sure I could pack them all. Thank you everyone for you kind words of encouragement.

Yesterday I decided to go ride my bike on the same River Trails where Thomas and I rode on Sunday. The weather was overcast and it was sprinkling rain, but I didn’t let that stop me, off I went. Bold, by myself. I completed the ride, 6.24 miles, and was feeling pretty proud of myself. At the end of my rides my legs are like Jello, they are very weak and I have to ride up next to something to hold on to just to get off my bike, it’s not graceful at all. Anyway, got off the bike, and then the daunting task of lifting the bike into the back of my SUV. Guess I didn’t think this all the way through. Anyway after a couple of attempts I get the wheel up high enough to clear the lip of the back and that’s when I lost my balance (yes, balance is a big issue for me) and fell with the bike landing on top of me. So, I’m laying in the parking lot with my bike on top of me and I hear a car come by. Oh good, someone to help me out. NOOOO… they just drove past with my laying there. Wait, it gets better. They have to loop around a round-about and pass me a second time, surely they’ll stop then. Oh no, they just speed on past me. I couldn’t believe it, I’m laying there with a bike on top of me and someone just drives on by. Did they think I was down there on purpose? Who knows? Anyway, I was able to get myself up and the bike loaded in the SUV a bit bruised and scraped, I don’t think I’ll attempt the solo bike ride again anytime soon. Any bike riders out there who want to take short rides and help a girl out? I won’t back down… 🙂

My sister, Wendy, suggested a song for me to post, so this is for you Wendy. Hope these words give you strength you as well. VW

Bet you didn’t know Johnny Cash recorded it as well.