Fun Slide

fun slide
This fund raising thing is not for wimps. I’m not good at asking for help, let alone asking for money AND help. My Stepmother likes to tell a story of when I was 4, I slid down one of those huge slides they used to have in the 70’s, I’m sure they are banned now for safety reasons. You know the ones, you climbed up what seemed like a thousand steps and then you slid down on a burlap bag. Anyway, I went down and then fell in the dirt. She ran over to help me up, and I told her I didn’t need any help and got up and dusted myself off, at the age of 4 mind you. That’s just how I am, fall down, get up and dust myself off. Today, I can’t always get up by myself, I need a hand. So, thanks for all the hands that are out there helping me up this time.

The T-Shirts arrived yesterday! I will be shipping out the pre-orders today and tomorrow. If you haven’t bought one, they are $15. You can pay on the web site, with PayPal or PM me on FB.
Keep Calm and Kick MS

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