And we’re off!!

Well, finally getting around to my first post. With all of the free time on my hands, you’d think I would have fit it in. Between, applying to treatment facilities, getting accepted to Russia, deciding to move to Little Rock, going to Little Rock, and buying a house, selling a house in St. Augustine, (which was the most work), starting to pack the house, kicking off fundraising efforts, oh… and a little trip to Scotland that was planned waaay before we even knew what HSCT was, I have been a wee bit busy. But, now it’s almost where I can take a deep breath. That’s when the wheels on the plane pull up and we are soaring over the Atlantic.
Race horses
We have a lot in the works and I have a group of elves that are doing so much to make it all happen, I couldn’t do it without them. We are going to have two fund raisers, one in St. Augustine and one in Jacksonville. Neither is totally locked in, so stay tuned. The T-Shirts arrived today, so will try and get the pre-orders out before we leave. And we have some really cool wrist bands that glow in the dark, more on those when they arrive.
All for now, I have to finish up small things for the home inspection tomorrow… one more thing getting checked off the list.

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  1. Charlie Mays
    May 29, 2013 @ 21:13:42

    August 19th…your Birthday! :)….Sounds like you’ve been a tad busy. We are going to do our best to help out so please add four more to your elf list. I will catch up on your FB posts and see what we can do as your DFW family. We love you and are praying for a great outcome.


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