4 Years Post HSCT for PPMS Update

Today, September 4, 2017, is my four year HSCT stem cell Birthday.  Honestly, nothing new to report, still holding on progression free.  If you read my 1, 2, 3 year post updates, you can see how I’m doing. Not complaining at all, no progression is what I continue to pray for.

I continue to workout 5-6 days a week. Either walking, lifting weights, or taking a HIIT class. I’ve moved since my last update and no longer have access to the amazing classes, and people, I had while living in Dayton, OH, but I’m trying to find a new groove.  I have walked further, 6.75 miles is my new record, but I found that to be too far for me at this point, it took me a week to recover. So I keep my long walks between 5-6 miles.

Thank you again for all of those that have cheered me on over the past several years.

Life is good!