5 months post – Everything Is Awesome!

I’ve been home 5 months, and 3 days.

First I’d like to report that my chemo joint/muscle pain seems to be almost gone. I’d starting having little windows of relief, usually during the night and I only noticed because I’d gotten up and gone to the bathroom. One morning Thomas asked if I’d been walking around the house during the night, I said yes, no pain and wanted to enjoy it for a while. Then I had windows of relief in the evening watching TV, just stood up. JUST STOOD UP! Usually I look like a 90 year old woman trying to stand up. Ok, maybe 100 year old woman, I saw my 93 year old Granddad stand up faster than me this week. Amazing how pain can really zap the energy right out of you. This morning I was up by 5:00 am and raring to go. Had to show my husband my new trick, running in place, couldn’t do that yesterday. I’d say I’m 85% joint/muscle pain free, I do still have spasticity, so that’s why I’m specific about which pain is leaving. Spasticity is still here, but compared to the chemo pain, it’s a walk in the park. Totally manageable, even without any muscle relaxers. I keep wanting to stand up and see if the pain is still gone…yep, still gone.

Me dancing without pain this morning.

Me dancing without pain this morning.

Next note worthy topic, my hair. Hair is salt and pepper and very crazy curly. Tight curls, that no matter what you do to straighten it, just makes it curlier.



2.28.14 Hair update

2.28.14 Hair update

I’m up to walking 1.25 miles a couple of times a week, lifting weights 5-6 times a week and short walks daily. I still need a nap daily, and sometimes that’s for an hour and some days 2 hours, but I’m letting my body rule how long it needs that day. Thankfully my cold sensitivity has greatly improved, because this has been a pretty cold winter here in Arkansas, nothing like what I’m used to in Florida. A little cold this morning, but here is a post of me walking. Note my dog always loves to photo bomb my pictures, so true to form here’s Dottie at it again. Love how the freeze frame captures in mid stride.
So, healing is moving right along and I’m so happy with the progress. Slow and steady.
Everything Is Awesome!!

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  1. Sue
    Feb 28, 2014 @ 08:49:22

    Such good news, Vicki!! So very happy for you! Interesting bit about your hair. When our daughter went thru chemo, she didn’t lose hers (amazingly) but her wild crazy hair straightened for a while. Like poker straight. It was weird. It didn’t last so maybe yours won’t either? You are adorable though with it the way it is.


  2. Roger
    Mar 09, 2014 @ 13:01:01

    We are so happy to hear all the good news! It must be fantastic to have less pain and being able to walk more, which you so enjoy. We hope that you are able to take Dottie with you. Nothing wrong with taking daily naps, many people do enjoy them that don’t have the issues you have.
    Diane and I had a chance to see Ballet Arkansas when they were here! What a
    great show! Hopefully spring is not far away. You must have had a much longer and more severe winter than you have seen in quite some time.
    All the best from Amarillo with love from Diane & Roger


  3. Linda Turnage
    Mar 13, 2014 @ 19:06:58

    Jerry and I are overjoyed with your amazing progress! Your hard work and determination is an inspiration to all! We miss seeing you around the “hood” but it sounds as if you all are nicely settled in. We’ve watched the weather reports for Little Rock and we’re glad we’re here in sunny Florida and not Arkansas! I just returned home from 3 weeks in Denver seeing the grandchildren and just can’t get used to that strange white stuff on the ground or 7 degree temps!!!!! Burrrrrr, my bones just don’t like that cold, cold weather. Love your new hair style—always thought you looked great in short hair and it’s so much easier to take care of. Again, overjoyed with your news! Hello to Thomas and hugs to Dottie! BOO misses her. Love ya, Linda and Jerry


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