One month update – Fighter

Oct. 25, 2013

Trying on some new hair ideas.  It looks real, don't you think?

Trying on some new hair ideas. It looks real, don’t you think?

Tuesday marked one month since I was discharged from the hospital in Moscow. I had my one month blood work on Wednesday and it was all still within normal ranges!! YEA!! I’ve stayed pretty close to the house during this month, and limited visitors as well, I really didn’t want to take any chances of catching something from anyone. With my still new immune system a cold could really be hard on me and set me back. The local doctor has told me if I get a fever to go straight to the ER, she takes this very seriously. So, as stir crazy as I’ve gotten, I haven’t gotten sick either. I’m starting to get out more, this week I’ve gone shopping with my sister and out to lunch the girls another day. So, I’m slowly getting out there but still be cautious.
Enjoying football season.

Enjoying football season.

My sisters arrive to help me escape.  No, they didn't need to wear mask, but they are crazy.

My sisters arrive to help me escape. No, they didn’t need to wear mask, but they are crazy.

I didn’t drive until last week, my legs were so weak I was afraid I wouldn’t have the strength to quickly change from the gas to the break in a timely manner. Trust me, you wouldn’t have wanted to be on the street with me driving. So after a test drive around the neighborhood, I felt ready to hit the streets, and that I did. So watch out Little Rock, I’m driving again.

I walk several times a day, walking my dog a few times and than every other day I add a solo walk for distance. I’ve done this since I returned and slowly walk a little further as it becomes easy. I’m now up to 0.6 of a mile, and last night it was getting easy, so it’s time to go a little further. This is the same distance that the walk was around the block in our neighborhood in Florida, and I had not been able to do that in a long time. (In Florida it was flat, here it is very hilly). If feels great, my legs feel weak, but not like I’m walking with cement blocks on my feet. And I haven’t felt that way in several years. Then on Sunday and Monday, it changed, the cement blocks were back. I was freaking out, was the transplant already failing? It’s only been a month. But then Tuesday I woke up and they were fine, so I’m on the healing rollercoaster of HSCT. I’ve been told by others that this is normal, especially the first few months. In the hospital the spasticity in my legs went away, this was a nice surprise. Usually in the late afternoon, it would start and by the evening it would become painful and you could see my legs actually jump from the spasm. When they went away in the hospital I was pleasantly surprised and every morning Dr. Fedorenko would ask how my spasticity was, I would reply, “What spasticity?” Well, that was nice while it lasted, it’s back. Not as intense as before, but still back. I take a magnesium supplement and it takes care of it, but hope it will go away again for good. So, my ticket has been stamped and I’m going to ride it through, all the bumps and loops that come my way.

Next week I start Physical Therapy, and can’t wait to see how that goes. I know just may walking has strengthened my legs, but they are still very weak. If I am on the floor, I have to crawl to something sturdy enough for me to pull up on, not a pretty sight. I don’t know what I’d do if I fell on one of my walks, there would be no way for me to pull myself up. OK, I need to put that thought out of my mind and just not fall. I’ve also started a Plank Challenge. If you don’t know what the plank is, check out this link, awesome exercise and easy to do. So, I can’t keep up with the challenge schedule, but I’m still doing it and able to add more time everyday. Never Give Up!!

My energy level is better too. When I first returned I had to take a couple of naps a day, now I start to crash mid day and take an hour nap and then good for the rest of the day. So, improvements are happening, slow and steady.

Thanks for everyone’s support and prayers. I’ll post again in a month and hopefully will have some good improvements to report.

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  1. mego
    Oct 25, 2013 @ 12:30:47

    Keep fighting Vicki!! You will kick this thing once and for all. Looking forward to seeing you in the spring and going on some trail hikes with ya! We will keep the prayers coming your way.


  2. Sue
    Oct 25, 2013 @ 14:58:10

    Hi Vicki- an idea for you – there is a company called Road ID and they make ID bracelets with contact information etc that you can wear when you are out and about on your own. I wear one when I walk, bike, run, etc. If something would happen then the EMT crew would have easy access to calling my hubby or kids. It’s easier and faster for them than searching a phone or your pockets. You can include other info too- like medical history, meds, etc. just google Road ID. 🙂


  3. Roger
    Oct 29, 2013 @ 23:18:43

    Thanks so much for your update. and so nice to hear of the improvements and challenges you are meeting. It is hard to believe, it has now been more than a month since you returned home. We are glad that you are getting around some and being careful at the same time. We are entering the flu season, and I hope those around you have gotten a flu vaccine. Last year was a terrible flu season, hopefully this will not be such a bad season. Enjoy your time out, and be careful while having fun. I just had a friend and his wife return from an extended weekend tour to the Little Rock area to see some fall foliage. Russell said that they were about 7-10 days early for maximum effect. They enjoyed their trip quite a bit.
    Have a great month and we send prayers and love from Amarillo.
    Roger & Diane


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